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We would like to introduce the opinions of customers who have used the services of this center.

I eat well and sleep better.

Mr. S (45 years old, male/self-employment)
The service at this center was very good.
I feel tired, eat well, and sleep well.
If there are people around me who want to receive regenerative medicine,
I would refer them to this center.
Regenerative medicine is good for getting well and also good for the elderly.
However, I think more people would receive regenerative medicine if the price were lower. It is out of reach for the general public.
I think it is not affordable for the general public.

Mr. S

I'm glad to hear you're feeling so much better after your treatment!


Regenerative medicine treatment is a free treatment and not covered by insurance.

We also feel that it is a disadvantage that the cost is a big burden.

If the treatment is covered by insurance, we believe that it will be easier for people to receive the treatment.

We hope that the day when insurance coverage comes soon.

If that happens, we would be able to help people like Mr. S. to spend their days in good health.

Thank you very much for your valuable feedback.

Regenerative medicine management
The Japan Regenerative Medicine Center

I was relieved to receive polite services

Mr. S(67 years old, male)

The Japan Regenerative Medicine Center explained the service carefully.

I felt comfortable going to the hospital that was referred. Not only about the
treatment but also, I was consulted in various ways, and I was very happy with
the support given when I was in Tokyo.

I realized that I must have been in very bad shape when I was diabetic.

Mr. N (44 years old, male/company owner) living in the Tohoku region (Japan)
About 10 years has passed since I suffers from diabetes.
I continued to take any diabetes medication, but the number did not decrease
due to a meal at the Michelin star restaurant every day (it is no exaggeration to
say that you can eat as much as you want), a pleasant breakfast at home and ice cream for a midnight snack. Even in the health checkup before the start of this
treatment was about a1c7.2.
Diabetes cures.
I don't think anyone who is associated with this disease can understand that
diabetes is cured.
I've been there.

I tried to get along with diabetes although I actually I want to be in good health, but encounter this clinic, so I decided to try a regenerative treatment.
I proceeded blandly with the signing and payment, but there isn't much
information about stem cell treatment in rural areas, so it was very difficult to
get my family's apporoval.
At this stage, the fat cells were taken from the subcutaneous and the first
administration of stem cells were completed.
Even though there is a little bit of anxiety, it is unexpectedly "Oh, is it over yet?"
This is the feeling that I continue to have.
It's been almost a month since the administration of stem cells, but my vision is brighter and I feel very energied.
The young cells are spread throughout the body... that's exactly what it feels like
when it's said. Also, I realized that I must have been in very bad shape when I
was diabetic.
Is my appetite back on track? I don't eat too much anymore.
The ice cream I used to eat every day didin't interest me so much anymore.

I wondered why I was eating and drinking so much... It's like that now.
Could it be a brain problem?
At any rate, I can't say anything because I haven't done a blood test yet, but 
there are no side effects and if anything, I'm in good shape.

Mr. N

Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment.

You may have been overwhelmed by the fact that this is a treatment that does not place a
burden on your body, but we are very happy to hear that your body has been feeling good
since the first infusion.

I'm sure you've had a hard time living with diabetes for the past 10 years.
From now on, all of our staff will support you so that you can live a healthy and healthy life
without such hardships.

Medical Secretary
The Japan Regenerative Medicine Center

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