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for those seeking treatment

       For foreign individuals and Japanese individuals living overseas

How to apply

Please apply in one of the following ways. The staff member will
contact you again at a later date. Absolutely no fees will arise at the
time of your application. 


 Medical questionnaire 

  Please fill out the required form on the  Medical Questionnaire 
below and press “send” button when you are done:

 Contact form

  Please contact us by completing the required fields below and
press “send” button when you are done:

Treatment confirmation and payment of
treatment fees

Once you have been confirmed to receive treatment, we will discuss
the treatment date as well as any necessary health care interpretation. Once you sign the treatment confirmation form, we will ask you to
make the treatment payment via bank transfer. In the event that you
are not able to make a bank transfer for whatever reason, we will
accommodate for other methods of payment upon discussion.

Medical examination by a doctor, and collection of fat

We will ask that you come to our clinic in Tokyo, where we will conduct a medical interview, a medical examination, and a blood test to confirm for treatment compatibility. Once compatibility has been established,
we will use local anesthesia to collect tissue from the subcutaneous
fat in your stomach. The amount of fat we will collect is only around
5 mg. Due to the use of local anesthesia, the collection procedure will be painless. Health care interpretation will be provided to guide you
through the procedure. 

Duration of stay in Tokyo
As a general rule, the duration of stay in Tokyo is set at 3 days.

○ The first day is your day of arrival. After you arrive, you will be able
to relax for the rest of the day.
○ On the second day, you will receive a medical examination. We will
also collect some of your fat.
○ The third day is an extra day.

Please feel free to consult our staff at your nearest agency if you need any assistance with respect to booking hotel accommodations, or
require sightseeing or free time while you’re visiting Tokyo or Japan. 

Extraction and culturing of stem cells

After extracting stem cells from the fat tissues that we collected, we
spend approximately 4 to 6 weeks culturing them. We culture these stem cells in a cell culturing and processing facility that has been
approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and under a
strict quality control management environment. We also conduct
sterility tests to make sure that there are no living microorganisms
within the stem cells. 

Administration of stem cells

After approximately a month and a half, we will ask you to return to
Japan and come to our clinic, where we will administer the cultured
stem cells. After a preliminary health check-up by a doctor on the day of the administration, the cells will be administered to you through
intravenous infusion. This procedure is relatively painless. After the
infusion is complete, we will conduct an hour-long medical
observation, after which you will be able to leave the clinic. We will
keep a portion of your cultured stem cells in cold storage for your
possible future use. 


After administration of the stem cells, we will conduct periodic
examinations and monitor your health over a long-term basis. If
regular visits to our clinic is made difficult due to reasons of travel
distance, etc., we will contact you for medical follow-ups or coordinate with local hospitals and doctors in your country to share information
regarding your progress. 

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Please feel free to contact us

Business hours are as follows 10:00am - 5:00pm (Closed on
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)

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