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Japan Regenerative Medicine Center

Level 11, Aoyama Palacio Tower, 3-6-7 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo,107-0061 Japan

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Feature 1

We are the only clinic in the metropolitan area of Tokyo that
can introduce you to regenerative medicine for diabetes.

As we introduce clinics in the metropolitan area, people in
the metropolitan area, as well as those outside the
metropolitan area, can easily access the hospital to receive
regenerative medicine. We provide a convenient environment for those who are either working or sightseeing.

Because we are the only clinic in the metropolitan area, we will provide various forms of support so that those who need to receive regenerative medical treatment can spend time in the clinic and Tokyo comfortably and safely.

In addition, after stem cell administration, we will request follow-up visits to regularly check the
health condition. For patients who come from long way, follow-up observation can be conducted
virtually in cooperation with a family doctor.

Please do not hesitate to consult with us about anything.


We are introducing the first hospital in Japan that has received approval to offer diabetic regenerative medicine and patients can receive anti-aging treatment that does not depend on pills.

Feature 2

In addition to diabetic treatment, we also can refer to hospitals that are equipped to provide pain clinic functions.    

Pain is the condition that causes patients the most physical suffering. In addition to the diabetes, we also refer patients
to clinics that specialize in pain caused by 
anticancer drugs.

We can assist patients suffering from symptoms including
headaches, stomachaches, and body soreness and will help
them feel better until the pain goes away. We will introduce a clinic that has been approved by the Ministry of Health,
Labour and Welfare to provide pain relief and diabetes
treatment, so we will closely support patients suffering from
pain and provide support for them in their daily life.

We can provide not only diabetes treatment but also various types of regenerative medicine at the
pain clinics.

This includes pain that is caused by sickness, anticancer drugs, treatment, and pain that is difficult to bear that can be treated at the regenerative medicine center.

Feature 3

You can receive the latest regenerative medicine for the
medical treatment of diabetes.

Regenerative medicine utilizes the regenerative ability of
body tissues and fundamentally improves the patients’
medical condition.

Unlike conventional drug therapy and organ transplantation - it is a medical treatment that aims to recover lost functions, such as organ or tissue defects, dysfunctions or failures, by
regenerating the cells using adipose stem cells.

For diseases that are difficult to cure with existing medicines
and diseases that do not have any proven cures, regenerative
medicine provides hope for future medical care.

Diabetic regenerative medicine works by restoring the body's own ability to produce and secrete
insulin and allows the patient to regain a healthy body. It is a treatment that does not require any
surgery, hospitalization, or medication, nor is any medication or insulin administration required after
the treatment.

The treatment method is to extract Mesenchymal Stem Cell from adipocyte collected from your own
subcutaneous fat,
 cultivate it to a certain point, and return it to the body again by IV drip. So far, there has been symptomatic treatment for diabetes to lower the number of sufferers with medicine. In the
contrast, we will treat from the inside of the body directly so that the patients can heal by using their own abilities to recover.

Because it is self-derived fat, there are no side effects, and this adipose stem cell is cultivated with
extremely safe and reliable treatment. Because it is administered by IV drip it disperses to even the
finest reaches of the body's blood vessels whose length is two and a half orbits around the globe.
This can offer an improvement to all diseases caused by blood vessels and blood (including lifestyle-
related diseases). It spreads and encourages reproduction to the damaged cells.

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Business hours are as follows 10:00am - 5:00pm (Closed on
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
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