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Don’t you get stressed being
regarding diabetes?

Don’t you get stressed being regarding diabetes
because you cannot ask a doctor or you cannot
understand even if you do ask?

Diabetes can be cured without relying on

Regenerative medicine” is not a medical
treatment focusing on fever reduction or pain
relief nor is it a surgical treatment.

It’s a cutting-edge medical treatment to that
releases your native abilities without any pain and taking medicine.


The treatment method is derived merely by harvesting and incubating “stem cells” from your fat
under the skin.

These “stem cells” are important cells for repairing functions and structures damaged by aging,
illness and so on.  However, their numbers decrease to 1/40 in one’s 50s and to 1/200 in one’s 80s. 
Due to this, by increasing “stem cells” we can fundamentally treat the causes of illnesses where
before only the symptoms of those illnesses were treatable.


To begin with, what is diabetes? What happens if you leave it untreated?    

Diabetes is a condition wherein glucose levels in the bloodstream are abnormally high and stay so


Once the secretion from cells of the hormone known as insulin is reduced, then liver, muscle and
adipose tissue cannot take enough glucose from blood sugar.  As a consequence glucose flows
hrough the blood resulting in hyperglycemia and meanwhile diabetes develops.

Diabetes is said to be a silent killer as it advances almost without symptoms.

There are many cases of diabetes being untreated for years since even when diabetes results in
angina or
myocardial infarction, chest pains are often not noticed.    

Leaving this untreated for years invites injury to blood vessels and increases the risk of complications including diabetic nephropathy with hemodialysis, diabetic neuropathy resulting in gangrene in limbs, and diabetic retinopathy resulting in blindness. (Three major complications.)    


We can say the seriously dreadful part of diabetes is complications.    

As mentioned, diabetes develops when insulin production from cells is reduced and glucose flows in
the blood resulting in hyperglycemia. With an increase of glucose in the blood resulting in
hyperglycemia, damage to blood vessels occurs over many years and all throughout one’s body
resulting in widespread complications.

Diabetic complication

Diabetic nephropathy・・・・Glomerular in the liver are impaired, making it difficult to excrete salt, waste and water, and proteins come out in urine. As it progresses, fatigue and swelling appear, and the liver's function decreases significantly, requiring dialysis.

Diabetic neuropathy・・・・・Peripheral nerve damage causes symptoms such as numbness in the soles of the feet and toes, pain in the toes, and sensory paralysis. When the autonomic nerve is injured, dizziness, heavy stomach, constipation and diarrhea occur.

Diabetic Retinopathy・・・・・When thin blood vessels in the retina are damaged by hyperglycemia, they become fragile or clogged, which triggers vision loss and blindness.

Diabetes consists of type 1 diabetes with no insulin secretion at all and type 2 diabetes caused by a decrease in insulin secretion.


It is said that about 90% of Japanese people have type 2 diabetes, which is caused by overeating, lack of exercise and disordered lifestyle.


In the early stages of diabetes, there are few self-awareness symptoms, but as the disease progresses, symptoms such as "my hands and feet become numb," "lose weight," "thirsty," and "frequent urination"


It is estimated that 20 million people have diabetes, including "strongly suspected diabetes" and "people who cannot deny the possibility of diabetes," and 20.1% of men and 25.8% of women have not been treated. Because there are few subjective symptoms and the symptoms are mild, many people leave them alone.


In order to stay healthy for a long time, it is important to make efforts to prevent it.


Please try the three things I will tell you about preventing and improving diabetes.

3 Ways to Solve Diabetes

  • Refrain from Eat fast, sugary rice, sweets and soft drinks.

  • Do two to three anoxic exercises a week, such as muscle training.

  • Watch out for periodontal disease and get into the habit of keeping your mouth clean.

1. Review one's eating habits

Avoid foods high in sugar and stop eating fast

In the case of type 1 diabetes, medication is mainly used, but in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, lifestyle improvement will continue for several months.


Stop eating fast and chew well and eat slowly.

Reduce the amount and frequency of sugary rice and sweets. Drink less alcohol, which is high in sugar. Please change them to soda, juice and mineral water.


"Eating fast" is especially common among modern people who don't have time.

If you eat fast, glucose in your blood will increase rapidly and your blood sugar level will rise sharply after meals.


In that case, insulin is secreted frequently and in large quantities from the pancreas, which exhausts the pancreas.

Eventually, insulin secretion decreases and sugar increases abnormally in the blood, leading to diabetes.


Please try to eat foods that are high in sugar less frequently and slowly with the standard of "chewing 30 times per mouth.“


At dispensing pharmacies, machines that can measure blood sugar levels by themselves are sold.


It is also recommended to measure blood sugar frequently to help improve your diet and achieve your blood sugar goals in order to understand when blood sugar levels fluctuate significantly.

2. Do muscle training two to three times a week

Let's move our muscles aggressively

What is necessary to prevent and improve diabetes is anaerobic exercise that actively moves muscles.


It doesn't have to be hard muscle training like building muscles.


Let's do squats that slowly move the muscles you can do at home two to three times a week. The point is nof you stop breathing, your blood pressure will soar or your heart rate will increase. Therefore, I recommend you to do squats while counting aloud, saying "1, 2, 3...“.


The muscles that move the body need a lot of glucose in the blood. But People with type 2 diabetes can take glucose into their muscles less than half the amount of healthy people. It is thought that if you have fewer muscles, glucose will overflow your blood and develop diabetes.


Diabetes occurs because insulin does not work well or secretes less, and blood sugar levels do not fall easily, but glucose can be taken into muscle cells without using insulin after muscle training.


Muscle training improves glucose metabolism and lowers blood sugar levels without using insulin.


3. Make a habit of keeping your mouth clean.

Gum massage after brushing your teeth to prevent periodontal disease.

There are many people with periodontal disease who suffer from diabetes.

It aggravates diabetes by increasing the number of inflammatory cytokines that block insulin.


recommend gum massage after brushing your teeth to prevent periodontal disease.

Brush lightly for about 5 minutes without using toothpaste.Let's massage your gums carefully where you don't usually get much stimulation.After brushing, remove dirt between teeth with an interdental brush.


If you have periodontal disease, go to the dentist and keep your mouth clean.


If you still have trouble with diabetes

We will solve your problem

Medications used in diabetes include oral and injection drugs and are used when blood sugar levels do not drop sufficiently.


Another option is regenerative medicine a state-of-the-art medical treatment that brings out and cures the abilities of the body.


Only institutions certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare will be able to provide stem cell regenerative medicine.


Regenerative medicine is attracting attention as insurance companies have started diabetes insurance and the number of patients from overseas has soared.


The treatment method is to extract and cultivate stem cells from subcutaneous fat and return them to oneself.autologous adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cell therapy


It‘s still medical treatment at one’s own expense, so it costs a lot of money, but it may not be expensive considering the cost of many years of medicine, insulin injections, complications and artificial dialysis.


Let me introduce you to the only hospital in Tokyo that provides diabetes regenerative medicine.


First of all, we have prepared a questionnaire form for you to check and fill in your physical condition, as well as an inquiry form for easy questions, so please tell us about your concerns and consultations. I will get back to you at a later date. Please feel free to use it.

                                                                                                    (There is no cost at all at this time)


We also hold a free seminar where you can easily hear about regenerative medicine.


You can ask any questions and proceed to the treatment after you are satisfied.There is no forced solicitation.


I would like to introduce you as one of the options for people suffering from diabetes.

Patients who are suffering from diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, COPD, hyperlipidemia, kidney disease, Alzheimer's disease,
Parkinson's disease, atopic dermatitis, or menopausal disorder, that would like to explore a cure
(not temporarily treat) their illness should consult us.
 Absolutely no fees will arise at the time of your application.   

Please feel free to contact us

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